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Life certificate

Updated date: 25/03/2024


On July 25, 2023, by Resolution 151/2023, ANSES reported that retirees, pensioners and pensioners of the Argentine Integrated Pension System (SIPA) and their representatives should no longer apply for a certificate of existence 'certificado de supervivencia’ for the collection of pension/retirement.



This certificate is issued at the request of the interested person with fixed or temporary residence in the jurisdiction of this Consulate, for the collection of retirements, pensions or withdrawals of pension regimes, among others, of the Argentine Republic.


  • Present DNI, Civic Book, Enrollment Book or Passport, or document issued by the local authority that allows proving the identity of the interested party and verifying their address.
  • Photocopy of the credit receipt or retiree/pensioner card from the Retirement or Pension Fund, showing the beneficiary number.

How is it done?

  • The certificate is free of charge.
  • The applicant must came to the Consulate in person.  In case you are unable to come, it is necessary to present proper justification for this inability. You may contact us by phone or email for further details.

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